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From London in 1851 to Dubai in 2020, Universal Exhibitions have always been great events focused on educating the public, promoting progress, and cooperation.

They are the technological, industrial, and artistic showcase of a country, open
to the whole world.

Since 1855, Paris has hosted 5 Universal Exhibitions to promote the progress and innovations of participating countries. Today, NEWCAP Event
Center, by its design, its state of mind, and its proximity to the
Trocadero and the Eiffel Tower, is legitimately positioned to share this desire
for innovation, creativity, dialogue, and sharing of knowledge.

We have therefore made some changes to the general ambiance of our facilities,
in terms of design, atmosphere, and materials, in an effort to make them, more than ever,
a place for encounters, research, experimentation, innovation, creativity… all in a relaxed, friendly atmosphere.
NEWCAP Event Center is the home of innovation.

A place reserved for the daring, for researchers, for the enterprising, for those who want to create, to endeavor, to make mistakes, to try again, and to share what they have learned.

Here, we foster dialogues, stories, dynamics, we comment on current events, we imagine the future, we share, we exchange ideas around a buffet.
This is our social network “in real life”!

In our 1,200 square metres of fully modular space, we work, listen, learn, and meet. And we party too.

Since January 26, 2023, we have incorporated the ISO 20121:2012 certification into our daily operations. It’s a team adventure, a beautiful social and environmental goal, and above all, a human one, dedicated to you and all your ideas…

NEWCAP Event Center
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On 1,200 m² of fully modular space, NEWCAP event Center offers an exceptional setting for your team and your clients.
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Champs de Mars-Tour Eiffel


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Line 72
Pont de Bir-Hakeim
Line 82
Champ de Mars


Station 15026


2, boulevard de
Grenelle (20 spaces