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Get together

Occasions to get together “in person” are rare.
Encounters make exchanges, stories, and dynamics possible.
They are the essence of life.

In order to create links you need places.
Conversations, exchanges, and positiontaking happen on our premises.
In our spaces, we toast to success, share a meal or chat around a buffet.

In Paris, near the Eiffel Tower, our 1,200 m² of modular event spaces equipped with the latest audiovisual technology are the perfect venue for your events.

A tip-top team, a top-rate Chef

NEWCAP Event Center: a good place to start planning your event, don’t you think?

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Imagine… A 5-minute walk from the Eiffel Tower, on the banks of the Seine, perfectly accessible by public transport… A 1,200 m² fully modular space (up to 17 separate spaces) in which to organize your next event.

The Espace Seine in brief…

620 m² space divisible up to 10 modules:

  • Ceiling height: 4.70 m.
  • 13.5 ton freight elevator to facilitate your installations
  • Possible configurations: theater, amphitheater, cabaret, classroom, and more.
  • Types of events: convention, seminar, trade or public show, product launch, dinner, cocktail, dance party.

The Espace Eiffel in brief…

200 m² space, natural light, divisible up to 3 modules:

  • Type of event: workshop, break, restaurant, cocktail.

The Espace Lobby + Grenelle in brief…

150 m² space (Lobby) + 150 m² (Grenelle), natural light, divisible up to 3 modules.

  • 3 LCD screens to broadcast your messages.
  • Reception area for your guests and cloakroom.
  • Type of event: workshop, break, restaurant, cocktail.

The Espace Rooftop Grenelle in brief…

80 m² glassed-in space + two exterior terraces of 35 m² each.

One of the most beautiful views of Paris!
Type of event:

  • B2B: product presentation, press conference, dance party, cocktail.
  • B2C: wedding, anniversary, family reunion.